California's Proposition 65. is a cost effective way to track litigation trends, keep up with the latest regulatory developments, and stay ahead of the competition. includes:

  • Search California Prop 65 cases by name, case number, chemical or product.

  • Search Prop 65 news stories by any word in the text.

  • Regulatory Calendar.

  • List of Proposed Prop. 65 Chemicals.

  • List of Recently Listed Prop. 65 Chemicals.

  • Online access to documents reported in the News.

  • Access to recent 60-day notices. coverage includes:

  • Key cases brought by plaintiffs, the Attorney General and district attorneys, and city attorneys with links to case documents.

  • The Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment's (OEHHA) proposed regulations, action dates and chemical listings, and litigation with links to documents.

  • Articles about chemicals and products of of interest, and national and international chemical developments. Services and Products include:

  • Premier Subscribers.

  • Access to our extensive News Archives and Litigation Database.

  • Annual Prop 65 Conference information and schedule.

  • Prop 65 Search/Research Support.

  • A direct link to Prop 65 Experts' websites.

Who we are:

  • Lana Beckett, Publisher. Since 1995, Lana has edited and published on Prop. 65 topics. She started Prop. 65 Clearinghouse in 2004 to provide stakeholders with a source of independent, unbiased news. She organizes annual Prop. 65 Conference events. Lana acquired CEI Today in 2016. She has been involved in hosting the Green Chemistry Conference for 6 years and pulished the Green Chemistry Clearinghouse for 3 years. Previously, she worked in Governor Brown's first administration.

  • Wendy Crittenden, Managing Editor/Marketing Director. Wendy is a key figure in managing Prop. 65 Clearinghouse's website content, mission and vision. Wendy also assists Lana in organizing Prop. 65 Clearinghouse's annual conference event.

  • Scott Parris, Web Engineer. Scott designed and coded our website and various applications.

  • Vikki Paulus, Litigation Database Manager.

  • Fiona Smith, Special Correspondent. Fiona is the lead reporter for CEI Today. She covered environmental and energy issues for more than eight years at the Los Angeles and San Francisco Daily Journal. Fiona has also worked as a reporter for the Associated Press in Bolivia and Mexico and was a staff writer for the Whittier Daily News.




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